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English language

Nice poster made by Michael Ciancio


Hello! its been about half a year since I posted something, but now I will hopefully write a bit more in the future:) Here are some pictures form our holiday, nice nice nice:) In the meantime I've moved from Stavanger to wonderful Copenhagen and my Yoshi, hurra hurra!


Be square!

Coffee and cigarettes! I love this film, the conversations, lots of coffee, the actors and the lovely Jarmusch scenery. It struck me when I once again saw stillpictures from the film, that a poster I created together with Mejdej for nightclub Vega reminds me of these coffee table shots!


Summerish cups!

I try to make some new decorations for our exhibition everyday, these are some of my latest creations..and last ones, friday will be my first day of a three weeks holiday, jupi!


R.I.P Michael Jackson


Linn Eriksen

Great graphics from norwegian/dutch designer Linn Eriksen


Morning glory

This is me having a looong breakfast this morning:) now I'm off to my summerhouse, wish you all a nice weekend!


Collage Club!

Found these really nice collages via Bevel and Boss


Megan Whitmarsh

Really nice colour combinations and impressive embroidering by
Megan Whitmarsh

Tokyo and my Daughter

This is one of my favourite zine at Nieves; a serie of photographies by Takashi Homma named Tokyo and my Daughter


Unika exhibition

These are two of my series from our unique sales exhibition at Figgjo. The exhibition started yesterday, and there has been decorated over 30 series "Mugs and Jugs". So if you happen to be around the Figgjo area, come and have a look! Both of these series were sold yesterday, joy!
(Though my mum bought one of them:))

A Number Of Small Things

At Anost, you can buy a number of small things, such as these lovely posters; Crystal by Grandpeople and Triangle made by Yokoland.


Dysfunctional cup #2

The 3rd cup of my mini serie dysfunctional cups


Knitted Dish of the Day!

Found these delicious dishes via Annelinnting. yum yum