Paper dish of the day

Stumbled across this paper dish of the day at Ffffound. It was created by Sarah Illenberg.

At work

This is my beautiful view from the office at Figgjo! Joy! Below are some images of my experiments on colour layers and sketches.


Talented Lady; Stine Belden Røed

My favourite girl and illustrator has finally launched her website! I'm going to visit her in Bergen this weekend, hurra! See you in a bit Stine:)


A day off on a sunny day. Perfect!

I have decided to take a day off from work which means I shouldn't be sitting here writing this post but I just wanted to share one more thing before I leave.

The weather here in Copenhagen is...

I stumbled across this nice weather graphics at Ungt Blod that shows the weather forecast - powered by Yahoo - from various cities around the world.

I know, the above forecast is for tomorrow but Yahoo's weather service is a bit off.

From my window it's day of perfect blue skies and sun sun sun! See you on the next cloudy day! According to the forecast that won't be until next week!



I just received my fabrics from Bon Bon Kakku!



I love this drawing made by finnish illustrator (and my flickr friend)
Elina Minn


Have a nice weekend!

It's finally spring! I can't wait to go outside:) Go helg alle sammen!


A wolf and a pig

A wonderfully made stop motion movie by Takeuchi Taijin that I guarantee will make your day.

Found at booooooom



Dutch designers Marco Stout and Evelyne Kramer


It's Our Thing

Swedish designer PMKFA has been living and working in Japan for several years, where he runs his own t-shirt brand It's Our Thing. I love this sweatshirt:)

My view

At least you have sun, Stavanger is grey..maybe I should stop by? :)
Go arbejdslyst!

Deadline in a sunny spring day

This is the view from my sleeping room. A nice sunny spring day in Copenhagen.

It isn't really tempting to get out of bed with the sole purpose of going to the office and working on a competition deadline. Yet, that is my fate for the next couple days.


Mystery shoes

I found this shoe on flickr about a year ago, and got so inspired by it that I started drawing these shoes on my characters, at a time i couldn't draw a shoe without adding a nose and a couple of eyes:) I assumed it was a new design, but recently I found out that its made by Tokio Kumagaï
in the 80s. I can't really find any information about either the shoes or the artist. Is it really true that he past away some years ago?


Danish fashion designer Isabel Berglund makes extraordinary knitted shapes and sculptures. This spread is made for Cover by Jakob Holmsberg studio.


When I'd posted the last post, I realized that I've come across a lot of eyeballs lately. The two first photos I found at ungt blod. The other images below are made by danish designers UFEX.

Dish of the day!

I especially like the colors in this image by Bott Scarry/SacredMtn.
He also makes a lot of nice drawings, have a look at his wonderful work here

Takashi Iwasaki

These colourful embroideries made by Takashi Iwasaki brightens this rainy day in Stavanger. Yoshi went back to Copenhagen today, and I've been sitting in front of my computer all day, luckily I stumbled across Mettes lovely blog and her post about this talented japanese artist,
thank you:)

Robot lost in New York

This is a story about a robot created by Kacie Kinzer. It's called Tweenbot.

It's a simple constructed 10-inch tall robot made out of cardboard and an engine that makes it move forward.

Its objective is to make it from point A to B. In New York City.

Armed with a little smile on its face and a flag that carries the text of its purpose and journey it is surrendered to the fate of the city and the people it encounters.

Prior to the journey Kacie Kinzer didn't expect the Tweenbot would survive the trip in the urban jungle where it most likely would trip in a pot hole, get stuck under a bench or fall over at the street curb.

Which it also did.

Most people ignored the fallen Tweenbot but every once in awhile it got picked up by strangers that read the message on the flag and sent it along its intended journey.

On its first mission, it took the Tweenbot 42 minutes and the help from 29 people to get from the Northeast to the Southwest Corner of Washington Square Park.

A nice little narrative about random encounters and the helpfulness of strangers in sending a small lost robot along towards its destination.


Hvass & Hannibal

Hvass & Hannibal are two talented girls and Trampoline's former fellow students from The Danish Design School.

I love their playful design approach.

Here's an example of a furniture and decoration they did for DGI in Copenhagen.

Here's what they say,

"DGI-byen invited 7 artists and designers to redecorate their conference meeting rooms, in order to make meetings here a different and inspiring experience. For this project we worked on a scheme aimed at creating possibilities for dividing the room into smaller spaces with mobile boxes that serve as a system of flexible walls giving the room atmosphere and colour. In this mid-city meeting space we wanted to bring in a reminder of nature and did so by painting mountains on the wall. These, together with the highrise-like boxes, are meant to create a dynamic interaction between landscape and cityscape. Thank you to our assistants Nina and Lasse for their help on this project! Photographs by Hans Kruse."


Paint drops

Dots of colors

Build it