Dysfunctional cup #2

The 3rd cup of my mini serie dysfunctional cups


Knitted Dish of the Day!

Found these delicious dishes via Annelinnting. yum yum

Sorry I'm late

Check out this nice stop motion film.

It made my day and late for work this morning.


Espen Friberg

Espen Friberg is one of the founders of Yokoland. Now he is working as a freelance designer in the US, and has just launched his own website. One of my favourites:)


Sponge Bob

I'm a big fan of Sponge Bob, love his grin:) Here's my version of him! And also a photo of him lurking in my wall organizer.


SquarePants Mickey & SquareHead Donald

via ffffound



This is Helge Hjorth Bentsens desktop. I like:) Have a look at his drawings and photos here





The White House flickr

Become friends with Obama at flickr! Found via Kjefta



My room without Yoshi is quite a mess, today I decided to rearrange everything in my living-room. I even arranged my books after colours, I'm very satisfied with the result:)My sofa also got some nice duck feet, and looks much more happy now! My friends sitting in the window is wooden fellow Per, he is a Xmas gift from Stine. She found him in Trondheim, but we think he has his origins even far more north. the lovely cube I got for my birthday from Sara, and the wooden apple I bought in a wooden store (selling a lot of different wooden fruits) in York. Yes!


Dish of the Day

Great cover design made by Anders Jandér for TSR records release “Naks - Sellout EP”



Trampoline is back on track! I've been busy lately; travelling, working and gardening! I will be posting some photos from my lovely weekend in CPH very very soon!

Wonderful Copenhagen

I had a lovely weekend to Wonderful Copenhagen:) Not only I got to see Yoshi for three whole days, we also met a lot of good old friends, went to the spring exhibition at Charlottenborg (I will post some pics from the exhibition later) and spoiled ourselves with lunch and dinner at many of my favourite places; LéLé, Bang & Jensen, Bento Sushi and Dyrehaven café. Dyrehaven was really crowded and a bit chaotic though, and we got all the wrong dishes, but it doesn't matter,you can't get brunch like this anywhere else:)

My room without Trampoline

I had a wonderful weekend with Trampoline. She was here in Copenhagen for the weekend. Before she came I fixed up my room to make it look halfway respectable.

I know she took a bunch of pictures during the weekend. Hopefully, she'll post some soon....? :-)